About Us

Our business started as a small kiosk in our local mall selling funny pre-made decals. Within the first week of opening almost everyone was asking us for customs shirts. We decided to buy a vinyl cutter and we were on our way. 

Over the years we have made beautiful prints in vinyl and we just kept getting better. Our business was growing exponentially. We started travelling all around British Columbia to make shirts at events. In-store we've continued to have our customers be as involved in making their shirts as possible. Our staff's unbeatable customer service made our business an experience for people. 

This year we have made significant investments in the business so we can continue to grow and provide you with the best shirts possible. We now use DTG printing for most of our work to produce stunning decals. 

Now it's time for us to move on to the next phase: The Internet. We love what we're doing so much that we want it to be available to everyone. We've established a strong relationship with our local community, and we can guarantee you will love our products. Our service can't be beat.